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The Project

Our first project is an apartment building with 50 units. 50% of the apartments are allocated for adults with developmental disabilities and the rest for tenants from the general population.

Progress Report

May 2018

  • We are in negotiations for the perfect plot of land on which to build.
  • Gary Prager and his team at hord | coplan | macht have produced gorgeous renderings of our dream building.
  • Jim Shipton at Point Consulting LLC and Elyse Dinnocenzo of Principle Land Planning have begun work with Jefferson County to establish feasibility.
  • Stepping Stone Communities Board is considering alternatives for financing the project.
  • We need generous supporters to step up to the plate to keep the project moving!


Step Two: Architect

We will need an inspired and talented architect to design our building. Requests for proposals have been sent to 10 architects selected from a carefully compiled list of candidates.                                                                                           

                          Selection of Architect and First Renderings             $ 100,000*


Step Three: Project Planning

We have engaged the Community Capital Corporation as our financial, political and development advisors. Their team, headed by Michele Tonti, will guide us through government-funding opportunities and the complexities of bringing Independence House into being.                                                                                       

                          Project Management Fees – Year One                    $ 50,000*

Step Four: Public Awareness and Fund Raising

It takes money to make money! We are fortunate to have a team of marketing, event, and grant-writing experts to lead us in our multi-pronged fund raising efforts.

                          Marketing Services – Year One                              $ 15,000*


*all amounts are estimated as of May 1, 2017

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