Waiting Six Years to Begin

It was six years ago when a small group of parents met in a living room to discuss the future of their recent high school grads who happened to have developmental disabilities. Gone was the small army of special ed teachers to usher our kids through the maze of growing up.  Gone were the friends from school who had now headed off to college or into their own apartments, ready to launch their adult lives and follow

Home for Christmas

It’s that time of year when our hearts turn toward home. As children, home is where family, comfort and safety help us grow up to be all we can be. Once grown, we set out to make homes of our own. For many of us, this the time when we discover our own individuality. There is great strength gained when we choose our own space, decorate it to reflect our own personalities and to complete the healthy separation from the childhood

Why Stepping Stone Communities?

At Stepping Stone Communities we always have to start with “why”? Why are we trying to raise $8 million dollars over the next three years? Why take on such a big challenge? Well, the answer is simple – As parents and supporters of adults with IDD we have to. We have no choice. Our first project is an apartment building with 36-48 apartments. 50% of the apartments are allocated for adults with developmental disabilities and the rest for tenants from the general

Why I’m Committed to This Community

Many people ask me why I spend so much time volunteering and working with the adults at Stepping Stone Support Center, or what drives me to be on the board for Stepping Stone Communities. I don’t have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability, nor do I have a sibling, cousin or uncle with one. What I do have is a passion for helping these adults become independent, helping them find purpose, happiness, and self-worth. Stepping Stone Communities is not just building

A Parent’s Reality About Their IDD Child’s Future

And the tears still come… I’m not much of a crier. But when I tell our story, it is hard to hold back the tears. The problem is overwhelming. Literally, thousands of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are facing an uncertain future – on in which they will find themselves completely alone. Our story? In Colorado alone, over 10,000 adults with disabilities are living with family caretakers who are over 60 years old. Our local communities are simply not ready

Imagining Our Ribbon Cutting Day

Can you imagine that day? Sunshine, crisp Colorado air and the excitement!!! I dream of it almost every day. What am I referring to? Our Ribbon Cutting! There will be balloons, of course. And maybe a couple of local celebrities. Festive music and plenty of food. But the stars of the show will be the 30 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are there to claim their brand new homes! Thirty long cherished dreams coming true all at once!!! The relief on the

A Grandparents Perspective: Where will my grandchild live?

One of our Board members, Lois Brassfield was kind enough to send us why she’s dedicated to our cause and organization. Whether you’re a parent, friend, sibling or grandparent almost everyone can relate and understand Lois’ purpose for wanting a better tomorrow for her granddaughter Caroline. Here’s a quick thought from Lois Brassfield…  As my granddaughter, Caroline, had finally become eligible for adult services when my daughter transferred to California four years ago, a decision was made by Caroline, her mother, my husband and